External Business Conduct (EBC) Disclosures

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Material Risks

Material Information

Material Economic Terms (METs)



Credit / Securitized Products Group (SPG)



Material economic terms for equity derivatives transactions are provided directly to certain clients. If you have not previously received the relevant material economic terms directly from us, the fixed material economic terms for the relevant equity derivatives transactions that you may enter into with us are as set forth below. The exhibit attached to each set of fixed material economic terms made available on this website indicates certain variable material economic terms relating to the relevant transaction type that will be disclosed prior to trading. If you have previously received the relevant material economic terms directly from us (each such set of material economic terms relating to a transaction type, the “Client Specific Document”), the terms of the Client Specific Document supersede any fixed material economic terms designated for such transaction that is available on this website.

Equity Swap
Volatility Swap
Variance Swap
Dividend Swap
Synthetic Forward
Custom Basket, Cross Currency
Options (High Delta)

Note: For any index comprised of component securities traded in more than one jurisdiction, the EMEA regional document will be used.


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