Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID): Investment Bank EMEA

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MiFID Overview: Investment Bank EMEA

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MiFID”) replaced the Investment Services Directive of 1993 and came into effect throughout the European Economic Area (“EEA”) on November 1, 2007. MiFID was the next step in the development of an integrated financial market in the EEA. MiFID revised national legislation in Member States within EEA with the aim of harmonising the regulation of financial services across the EEA.

MiFID covers three basic areas:

  1. Conduct of business which includes rules governing best execution, client categorisation, suitability/appropriateness, inducements, transaction reporting requirements, client order handling, marketing.
  2. Organisation which includes rules regarding licensing, cross-border pass-porting, compliance arrangements, risk management, outsourcing, record-keeping, client assets, conflicts of interest, systems and controls, governance.
  3. Equity Market Transparency which includes rules regarding pre-trade transparency, post-trade transparency, systemic internalisation.

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