2017 UK Gender Pay Gap Disclosure

Disclosure by Legal Entity

Under new legislation that took effect in April 2017, companies in the United Kingdom with at least 250 employees are required to publish their overall pay gap between men and women.

The following information is available for each relevant legal entity:

  • The proportion of females and males in each quartile
  • The mean and median gender pay and bonus pay gap
  • The proportion of females and males receiving a bonus

To view the information by legal entity, select from the drop down menu below.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association – London Branch

Headcount on 5 April 2017: 9,916
Quartiles Female Male
Low Quartile 46% 54%
3rd Quartile 38% 62%
2nd Quartile 29% 71%
High Quartile 24% 76%
  Median Mean
Gender Pay Gap 23% 25%
Gender Bonus Gap 38% 60%
  Female Male
Received Bonus 93.9% 93.0%


What is the mean?

The mean (also called average) represents the total pay for all included employees divided by the number of employees.

What is the median?

The median is the middle value when the pay of all employees is arranged in ascending order.

What is meant by “pay” and “bonus”?

“Pay” represents monthly base salary as well as other regular payments that were paid through payroll in April 2017 divided by the employee’s contractual hours for April.

“Bonus” includes any cash payment made during the 12 months preceding 5 April 2017. Generally, this will represent any cash incentive compensation paid as part of the firm’s discretionary annual incentive plan and payments connected with the vesting of previously awarded deferred compensation.

Pay Quartiles

Employee pay has been ordered highest to lowest and split into four equally sized groups (quartiles) and the percentages show the distribution of men and women in each of those groups.


We confirm that the information included in this disclosure is accurate and meets the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap information) Regulations 2017.

signature of Julia Meazzo, Head of Human Resources, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Julia Meazzo
Head of Human Resources, Europe, Middle East and Africa


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