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International expansion is a key element of most of our clients’ growth strategies. Whether entering a foreign market for the first time, or expanding an existing international footprint, we deliver the global connectivity of our integrated platforms while helping our clients optimize their operations overseas.

Morgan McGrath, Head of International Banking, Commercial Banking

What We Do

Whether your business is expanding internationally because of an acquisition, a supply chain shift or an opportunity to tap into emerging economies, our international banking specialists connect you with the international cash management, trade, financing and foreign exchange solutions you need. We are with you through every stage of your international business life cycle, customizing solutions to help you navigate the complexities of global payment flows and international market nuances.


Local in Practice, Global in Reach

As a global team with local knowledge in markets across the world, we know how to support companies with their international expansion objectives. We know from experience that what works in one country or market doesn’t always apply across the board.

We provide expertise in global cash management, liquidity management, foreign exchange, global trade, merchant services and international financing, helping clients leverage scale, optimize payments and manage liquidity in order to improve transparency and manage operating as well as counterparty risks.


Gain the Efficiency of a Globally Consistent Platform

Simplify your business globally and consolidate your operations with access to an integrated global payments platform, enabling you to manage operations online—both locally, with multiple languages offered, and regionally—for improved account visibility. Our platform provides firmwide liquidity management optimization, with a level of understanding that can help drive down costs. We are investing billions each year to continuously strengthen our technology infrastructure and deliver a consistent banking experience wherever you are in the world.


Experience Seamless International Onboarding

No matter how big your company is, we make it easy to do business with us by adding clarity to the complex. Our international onboarding process is made simple through a single point of contact, streamlined documentation and fast-track implementation. We have made significant investments in building dedicated teams in complex markets, helping you stay connected wherever you are. Thanks to this approach, we make doing business globally simpler and can provide expertise on local documentation and requirements.


Bespoke International Banking Solutions

Your situation is unique and requires its own approach. Our international team develops a deep understanding of your business and its challenges, wherever you are in your international business life cycle. We provide solutions that address the regulatory landscape affecting businesses today, and use innovative technology solutions to address the most complex cash management needs, scaling them to help you expand into new markets and accommodate your future growth.

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1 At J.P. Morgan, we do business in more than 100 countries with a physical presence in over 60 markets. We serve clients throughout our network, from middle market companies to large multinationals, helping connect your business to the world.
2 We spend over $11 billion dollars each year on technology, including on innovative global solutions that provide you with increased efficiency, seamless visibility and control over your global operation to make business easier.
3 As a global company with a deep heritage, we have been helping companies expand outside of their home markets for over 200 years.