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The State of Healthcare Costs

US out-of-pocket healthcare expenses have been accelerating, increasing spending burdens on households across the country.


Accelerating healthcare expenses are creating larger spending burdens on households in every state. These rising costs are becoming unsustainable as they stress public and private insurance programs, impact wages by increasing employers’ labor costs, and threaten a future fiscal crisis.

But bringing market discipline to the healthcare sector will be difficult. A lack of competition is holding back the kind of innovation that could help healthcare facilities better manage their resources, and the aging American population will only compound the problem as more people enroll in Medicare.

If a solution isn’t reached, social safety net spending will begin to crowd out all other public obligations, leaving less every year for education, infrastructure and defense.

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Jim Glassman, Head Economist, Commercial Banking

Jim Glassman

Jim Glassman, Head Economist, Commercial Banking

Jim Glassman is the Managing Director and Head Economist for Commercial Banking. From regulations and technology to globalization and consumer habits, Jim's insights are used by companies and industries to help them better understand the changing economy and its impact on their businesses.

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