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How to Prepare for What’s Ahead in the Multifamily Market

Connect Media asked Greg Newman, Head of California Multifamily Lending, to share insights about the economy and multifamily market in its latest Commercial Real Estate Q&A.

There’s a lot for multifamily property owners to consider when planning for the years ahead, from current market conditions to the continued demand for apartments across the US. It’s important to prepare for a potential downturn by building conservative fortress real estate portfolios, keeping cash and liquidity on hand and stress-testing frequently.

We can all agree that we have been in a very long recovery and that someday, something will happen.

Greg Newman, Managing Director and Area Manager, Commercial Term Lending California

In this Q&A, Greg discusses how:

  • Multifamily property owners can stress test for a downturn.
  • Lower interest rates are impacting the California multifamily market.
  • The younger generation is bringing a comfort and ease of technology into commercial real estate, helping to give them a competitive edge.

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