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How San Francisco Real Estate Is Changing

In an exclusive interview with, David Diggs of Chase Commercial Real Estate discusses the trends shaping the industry as a whole and the Bay Area specifically.

Real estate fundamentals in San Francisco continue to be strong—multifamily rents are rising with demand and vacancies are low—but owners and investors are also making changes to keep up with market trends. David Diggs, Regional Sales Manager for Commercial Term Lending, points to technology and the shift toward digital operations as one of the major focuses among his real estate clients. In an exclusive interview with, he said, “As younger generations increasingly enter the business, they’re putting down pencils and pens, and looking for digital processes that help them hire contractors, manage properties and make acquisitions.” As clients prepare for the future, Diggs also discussed the considerations real estate developers and investors should keep in mind to achieve long-term success in an ever-changing market.

Commercial Real Estate

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