Cybersecurity Magazine

Volume 9 - Assessing Risk and Securing Resiliency Strategies

Cybercriminals have widened their nets and shifted tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic—taking advantage of heightened uncertainty and the vulnerabilities of remote work. Now, more than ever, organizations must remain vigilant to combat evolving business email compromise schemes, ransomware threats and data breaches that could have a severe impact on business operations and data security.

These new challenges can also offer organizations a chance to take a step back and find opportunities for improvement—whether by assessing new risks, fortifying resiliency strategies or strengthening fraud and cyber controls. Every organization, from small businesses to large corporations, can learn something new to help protect their systems, data, and most importantly, their employees and customers.

The fall issue of Commercial Banking’s Cybersecurity Magazine—Assessing Risk and Securing Resiliency Strategies—can help organizations start conversations and drive action on a broad range of cybersecurity and business resiliency topics to better prepare for the future.


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