The Potential of Big Data in Healthcare

Today, there’s more data than ever—and more that can be done with it. Predictive analysis offers benefits to clinicians, patients, healthcare systems and insurers.

Clinicians have more patient information at their fingertips than ever before, and the sheer amount of data is beyond human capacity to analyze.

Enter Big Data. It can form the foundation for predictive analysis and drive artificial intelligence. The analytical team at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami is developing an artificial intelligence algorithm that could, by late 2018, combine data, analyze variables and accurately predict medical events. In one example, an algorithm could potentially make an early-warning alert that a child’s condition will worsen in the next six to eight hours. Properly built algorithms could help eliminate much of the quality difference between clinicians and ultimately save lives.

This white paper looks at the potential benefits of Big Data and predictive analysis techniques—and how they might help clinicians, patients and the entire healthcare system. Amid an unprecedented push for quality, safety and performance-based payment in the industry, there’s an urgent need for healthcare systems to achieve a granular understanding of their patients’ data.

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