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J.P. Morgan launches enhanced data normalization solution for institutional investors

Fusion by J.P. Morgan releases a new managed data service for institutional investors to optimize their operating models by delivering consistent data, across diverse sources and domains, accessible through cloud-native channels and a single semantic layer.

J.P. Morgan today announced the launch of Containerized Data for institutional investors, available through Fusion by J.P. Morgan (Fusion). This end-to-end solution provides investors with consistent and enriched data across business services, leveraging a new common semantic layer to model and normalize data across multiple providers, sources, types and structures. Fusion ingests, transforms and links data, making it interoperable and ready for AI and ML applications. Investors can access data in consistent containers anytime, using cloud-native channels, including API, Jupyter notebooks, Snowflake, Databricks and more.

Containerized Data is available for a wide range of data types and sources, such as Custody, Fund Accounting and Middle Office data, from J.P. Morgan and additional providers. Clients can extract maximum value from data that is fully harmonized across both public and private assets.

Institutional investors are looking to reduce the friction of managing data at scale across their organizations and within their operating models. The data they rely on is often siloed, inconsistent and incomplete. As firms look to adopt advanced analytics, AI and ML, they require strong and scalable data foundations.

Fusion addresses these key pain points with the release of Containerized Data. Clients receive data that looks and feels the same across sources, ready for analysis and integration into their workflows — saving the time and resources they would otherwise need for data wrangling. The solution’s enhanced data catalog, data dictionary and semantic layer provide clients with the foundation they need for successful AI and ML implementation.

Tim Fitzgerald, Global Head of Securities Services, said, “Securities Services is focused on providing differentiated data services to help investor clients improve the performance of their portfolios and increase the operational efficiency of their businesses. Containerized Data allows clients to accelerate their time-to-value, alleviating key data management challenges, so they can focus on the work they do best.”

Investors can consume and integrate Containerized Data for Custody, Fund Accounting and Middle Office using Fusion’s Data Mesh solution, which supports modern distribution channels, including API, Jupyter Notebook, Snowflake and more. Fusion’s recent collaboration with Databricks also allows investors to access their datasets within their Databricks instance and benefit from enhanced analytical capabilities and powerful compute.

Jason Mirsky, Head of Data Solutions, Securities Services, said, “We understand institutional investors’ nuanced data challenges, and with Containerized Data, we’re addressing the most pressing needs we hear from our clients. Our financial data expertise, vast reference data universe and strategic industry collaborations enable us to model data in ways that other firms can’t, solving unique data frustrations for clients.”

This image shows how Securities Services data is modeled, enriched and harmonized, leveraging a common semantic layer, so users can easily combine datasets and switch between portfolios and views.

Containerized Data capabilities:

  • Data ingestion: Data is normalized to look and feel the same, so it’s ready to be used across investors’ operating models. Fusion ingests and harmonizes data from multiple sources and types, including from J.P. Morgan Securities Services and additional providers.
  • Complete portfolio view across business services: Linked data in Fusion enables a complete portfolio overview of each element across clients’ portfolios and accounts, integrated into a single panoramic view. With all investment data normalized and linked, it’s easy to see your Custody, Middle Office, Fund Accounting data and more, including public and private assets, in one place.
  • Data Explorer: Investors can view, filter and drill down into Securities Services data using an intuitive exploration tool. The linked data model enables interoperability between different data domains, portfolios and accounts, to easily dive deep and analyze.
  • Data Mesh: Fusion simplifies data consumption, enabling clients to access their Containerized Data, anywhere, anytime. Through the Data Mesh, clients integrate directly in their tech stacks, with cloud-native channels, including API, Jupyter Notebook, Snowflake, Databricks and more.


About Fusion by J.P. Morgan

Fusion is a cloud-native data technology solution that provides data management, analytics and reporting for institutional investors. Fusion builds on J.P. Morgan’s global operating model and rich data foundation as an industry-leading Securities Services provider to deliver benefits of scale and reduce costs. With a broad array of integrated solutions that span investment strategies, fund structures, asset types and geographies, J.P. Morgan Securities Services delivers the expertise, scale and capabilities to help our clients protect and grow their assets, optimize efficiency and maximize opportunities in diverse global markets.

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