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J.P. Morgan #1 for payments in the U.S. for seventh consecutive year

Nilson names J.P. Morgan a top U.S. processor of retail and ecommerce transactions

J.P. Morgan has earned the top spot in the U.S. among payment providers in terms of both annual transactions and dollar volume, according to the March 2021 Nilson Report. In 2020, J.P. Morgan processed more than 27 billion transactions, with a value of $1.4 trillion, on behalf of its clients.


In addition to earning the top spot overall, J.P. Morgan maintained a significant lead as the top acquirer for e-commerce in the U.S.1  As consumer behavior continues to evolve, the world’s largest brands are turning to J.P. Morgan to accelerate digital transformation on a global scale.

" We strive to create a more reliable, secure, easy, efficient and innovative payments experience and will continue to innovate by launching new products and services for our clients. "


Now in its 50th year of publication, the Nilson Report is a respected source of payments industry news and market insight. Nilson analyzes and reports on the performance of hundreds of credit, debit and prepaid card issuers, transaction acquirers and technology vendors with a truly independent perspective. For the seventh consecutive year, J.P. Morgan has earned Nilson’s top ranking as the largest wholly-owned U.S. provider based on payment card volume and for the sixth consecutive year as the largest e-commerce/MOTO U.S. acquirer.


J.P. Morgan’s position is a direct result of innovation that is advancing the next generation of payment experiences. As payments become increasingly seamless and contextual, J.P. Morgan’s solutions let consumers pay how and where they want. As a result, seven of the top ten U.S. e-commerce merchants choose J.P. Morgan for secure, dependable and scalable payment processing platform.


“We’re proud to have earned the trust of merchants of all sizes—from main street to Silicon Valley and everywhere in between,” said Max Neukirchen, CEO of Merchant Services at J.P. Morgan. “We strive to create a more reliable, secure, easy, efficient and innovative payments experience and will continue to innovate by launching new products and services for our clients.”


Digital technology will continue to transform the way the world creates and exchanges value. By 2024 global digital payment volume is expected to grow 64 percent to 1.1 trillion transactions that span consumer segments, borders and currencies.2  J.P. Morgan combines operational excellence, innovative technology and exceptional client service to help clients capture, grow and protect revenue and create enduring customer relationships.


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1.Nilson Report, March 2021
2.Business Insider Intelligence, March 2020


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