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JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Taipei Branch Regulatory Disclosures

美商摩根大通 ( 原名大通 ) 銀行股份有限公司台北分公司及國際金融業務分行, 係依據中華民國法令規定於民國八十一年四月十七日奉准設立依民國九十年十月十二日經 ( 90 ) 商字第0900139520號核准, 與美商摩根銀行股份有限公司合併, 並更名為美商摩根大通銀行股份有限公司


近來摩根大通集團旗下公司或部分客戶常有接獲疑似詐騙事件,以摩根大通集團旗下公司員工名義,透過臉書、網路或電話等方式佯稱合作投資外匯保證金交易業務,並可保證獲利。為避免 您的權益受損,摩根大通集團在此鄭重澄清,摩根大通集團在臺並無從事該業務,也未委託他人或員工於任何管道銷售或招攬該業務,如接獲類似業務招攬行為時,勿予回覆以免受騙。

JPMorgan companies and some of JPMorgan’s clients have recently encountered a number of suspected fraud cases, in which certain unauthorized persons have falsely assumed the sham identity of “JPMorgan employee” in soliciting foreign exchange margin trading businesses and guaranteeing returns through various channels, such as online social networks (e.g, Facebook), the Internet, or telephone calls. To prevent any harm to your interests, JPMorgan hereby clarifies that JPMorgan does not conduct any such foreign exchange margin trading business in Taiwan and has never engaged or authorized any person or employee to sell or solicit any such foreign exchange margin trading product or business. If you encounter any similar solicitation, please do not respond to it to avoid being defrauded.

請注意所公布之摩根大通銀行(下稱"本行")台北分行財務報表尚未經查核簽證,且該報表係依中華 民國一般公認會計原則編製。財務報表內容僅及於本行台北分行本身,不代表本行或其母公司–摩 根大通公司–之合併報表。由於其中資產負債表、損益表及其他文件與財務資訊尚未經查核簽證,本行以及其關係企業不保證其正確性及完整性,並不為任何錯誤或疏漏負任何責任。

Please note that the financial statements for the Taipei Branch of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (the "Bank") contained herein are unaudited statements. Such statements have been prepared in accordance with ROC GAAP. The statements contain information solely with respect to the Taipei Branch of the Bank and are not representative of the consolidated position of the Bank or its parent company, JPMorgan Chase & Co. As these balance sheets, income statements and other documents and financial information are not audited, no warranty of accuracy or completeness is given and no liability in respect of any errors or omissions, including any third party liability, is accepted by the Bank or any of its affiliates.



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