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AI/ML engineers, researchers, and data scientists from across JPMorgan Chase have traveled to Brooklyn, NY to participate in the firm’s annual AI Summit this week. The two-day event provides participants an opportunity to hear from senior business leaders on the firm's vision for AI/ML, keynotes and panels from leaders, practitioners, industry experts in topics ranging from AI/ML strategy in the firm, the future of AI, Equity and Inclusion in AI to showcasing some of the firm's most successful AI/ML projects in production today and upcoming innovations emerging from the firm's research and applied ML science teams.

The AI Summit also brings together diverse subject matter experts who deliver AI/ML solutions every day, including business teams, deployment engineers, researchers, data engineers, compliance and risk professionals, platform providers, and others passionate about AI/ML who are seeking to learn more and become contributors themselves in the future. "The Summit brings out our best so we can learn from each other and see ways to build smarter, faster, and at less cost and also identify where we can do better in reducing friction and improving the data science experience," said Firmwide Head of AI/ML Transformation and Engagement and the firm's Chief Data Officer, Drew Cukor.

AI Summit provides classroom tracks for participants to engage in new projects, techniques, and standards to help build out our state-of-the-art AI/ML practices. The tracks span multiple disciplines including Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models, AI/ML Technology and Ops, Knowledge and Property Graphs, ML Lifecycle Tools, Green AI, Quantum AI, Speech, Multi-agent Systems, Federated Learning, Synthetic Data, and many other areas.

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