Tucker Balch, PhD

AI Research Director

Tucker Balch is a computer scientist, researcher, and educator specializing in AI, Robotics, and Finance. He earned his Bachelor's degree and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Balch has published over 120 peer-reviewed research papers in Robotics, AI, multi-agent systems, and Finance. He has held research and teaching positions at Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Institute of Technology, where he instructed AI, Robotics, and Computational Finance courses.

Dr. Balch co-founded Lucena Research, a data-driven investment technology company utilizing Machine Learning, big data, and quantitative analysis to offer actionable insights for investment professionals. He joined J.P. Morgan in 2018 as a managing director, leading teams exploring ML and Cryptography, multi-agent system simulations, high-frequency electronic markets, and Synthetic Data for Finance.

Dr. Balch is also an online education pioneer, developing and teaching MOOCs like "Computational Investing" and "Machine Learning for Trading," which have reached over 170,000 students worldwide.

Before his research career, Balch served as an F-15 pilot in the U.S. Air Force.