The Firm operates a complaints management policy that aims to ensure all complaints are dealt with fairly, consistently and promptly. If you are a client of the Firm and are dissatisfied with or have a complaint about a product or service offered by the Firm, you can make a complaint by contacting your usual J.P. Morgan relationship, sales or service contact. Complaints may be made in writing, including electronically, or verbally. Your J.P. Morgan contact will acknowledge receipt of your complaints promptly. It will be processed within 15 days or 35 days in exceptional circumstances.

Please refer to our Complaint Handling Procedures for Corporate and Institutional Clients Banking with J.P. Morgan Treasury Services in France

If you are not fully satisfied with the positon taken by or solution proposed by the Firm, you can bring your claim to the ombudsman service of the French Banking Federation (“FBF”) through its website: or by mail: Le Médiateur auprès de la FBF, CS 151, 75422 Paris Cedex 09, France. You may bring your complaint to the ombudsman service of the FBF after having raised it with the Firm and having received our final response; but only within one year of raising such complaint with the Firm and subject to your complaint not being brought before another ombudsman service or a court of law.

The handling of such request will be governed by the "Charte du service de médiation auprès de la FBF pour les professionnels", which is available here

Details of the ombudsman service of the French Banking Federation can be found on its website: