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Lease Put

A variation of J.P. Morgan’s Receivable Put is the Lease Put which offers a tailor-made risk management solution to manage equipment lease exposure. The Lease Put hedge notional adjusts precisely with the estimated amount of the amortizing exposure (e.g., total exposure, total unsecured exposure, or damages claim exposure). In the event that a debtor files for bankruptcy and rejects the associated leases, companies can put their outstanding lease claims to J.P. Morgan at a pre-determined payout rate. The Lease Put is a more efficient credit risk mitigant than a static Credit Default Swap hedge, which result in clients either over-hedging or under-hedging their exposure at any point in time.

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Liquidated Damages Put, protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,966,242. Lease Put (U.S. Patent pending).


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