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Tradeable Index Strategies: Fixed Income


CarryMAX is a market neutral fixed income strategy developed by J.P. Morgan. CarryMAX updates one of the oldest investment strategies - the Carry Trade - to exploit a persistent mispricing in interest rate markets and generate a consistent return.

CarryMAX can select from a universe of nine developed interest-rate swap markets. The strategy first ranks the markets with the highest carry in 10-yr swaps - where carry is defined as the yield differential of the 10-year swap rate over the Cash or LIBOR rate. It then invests in the two 10-yr swaps with the highest carry and sells the two 10-yr swaps with the lowest carry - a two-pair strategy.

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Index Strategies
Index Name Index Level Daily Ret(%) Mthly Ret Ann Ret Level Date
CarryMAX in EUR 167.99 0.01 0.60 -0.66 20131031
CarryMAX in JPY 168.58 0.02 0.59 -0.99 20131031
CarryMAX in USD 167.33 0.02 0.61 -1.01 20131031

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