Foreign Exchange

As a top-tier liquidity provider, J.P. Morgan offers comprehensive solutions enabling clients to uncover their potential in today’s FX market. We offer pricing across 300 currency pairs in cash and derivative products. Clients benefit from a full spectrum of currency services — from exotic options to algorithmic trading; from major currencies to emerging markets — including:

Sales and Trading

J.P. Morgan provides innovation, consistency and pricing across a full range of products and trading services.

Our sales teams are based in major foreign exchange hubs such as New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. We are also a leader in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asian emerging markets, with a local sales and market-making team in many of these locations.

Our FX and e-Commerce solutions give our clients a competitive advantage for pre-trade, trade and post-trade through:

  • Pricing in spot, forwards, options, non-deliverable forwards and cross-currency swaps
  • Currency option services
  • AlgoX, our suite of algo FX trading strategies
  • Trading activity in all freely convertible currencies — as well as all major emerging market currencies where we provide onshore and offshore capabilities
  • 24-hour coverage, allowing us to handle sizeable trades and special transactions
  • Market-leading economic, fundamental and technical research and value-added strategy recommendations
  • Design and implementation of tailored solutions, including accounting and taxation advice
  • Responsive provision of foreign exchange liquidity offering dynamic and tailored solutions


J.P. Morgan’s award-winning global research team offers comprehensive foreign exchange, economic and derivative research and analysis to assist clients in their hedging, trading and investment decisions. The team publishes weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on all aspects of the foreign exchange markets. In addition, the team works closely with individual clients to provide tailored analysis to meet their specific needs.

J.P. Morgan Markets, the firm’s research website, provides a single portal allowing clients to access all of J.P. Morgan’s analysis and commentary on a timely basis. (Client access required.)


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