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J.P. Morgan’s Energy Investments group is focused on putting capital to work in U.S.-based renewable energy projects, including wind, solar, biomass and geothermal. With a focus on utilizing the tax benefits provided by Congress to support renewable energy, the group provides long-term financing for clients through lease and structured partnership transactions.

The group’s renewable energy portfolio has grown to more than 6,600MW from 2003 through 2010. Its holdings include 67 wind farms and two solar projects in 19 states, owned jointly with 15 different energy firms. As lead investor, J.P. Morgan has funded $3.2 billion of projects from its own capital and raised an additional $3.5 billion from other institutional co-investors. Although the firm’s activities to date have focused on the wind space, due to its size and maturity, J.P. Morgan recently invested in its first photovoltaic solar project and is in the process of completing its first geothermal transaction. The group plans to further diversify its portfolio during the coming years.

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