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Corporate Responsibility in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

J.P. Morgan is committed to building vibrant communities, preserving our environment and promoting an inclusive culture across the globe that benefits people not only today, but for generations to come.

Globally, J.P. Morgan, through the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, makes philanthropic investments in cities where it has major operations, assisting those suffering disadvantage to help them build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.  Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the firm focuses its investment and attention on three pillars:  Economic Development, Financial Empowerment and Workforce Readiness.  Across Germany & Switzerland our commitments include:

  • ChancenNutzer
  • JobAct®
  • ArbeiterKind
  • Polytechnische Gesellschaft
  • Verein zur beruflichen Förderung von Frauen e.V. (VbFF)
  • Stifterverband
  • Bildung Kickt
  • MENTOR – Die Leselernhelfer
  • Ashoka Switzerland

ChancenNutzer, the first start-up support programme in Germany for young unemployed people from migrant backgrounds. The programme is being delivered by the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt (SILF).  

In Frankfurt, nearly 42% of unemployed people are non-German nationals, and the number is even higher when taking into account all people with migrant backgrounds. ChancenNutzer works to address this, focusing on self-employment as a pathway out of unemployment and toward economic independence, as well as providing professional orientation services.

Our work with SILF, launched in February 2014, is a landmark grant for the Foundation in the region, as it has been founded in collaboration with two organizations: Social Impact GmbH, the non-profit delivery organization; and KfW Stiftung, the foundation of German development bank KfW.  KfW Stiftung supports a parallel programme within SILF, targeting young people and creating enterprises with a social focus. The collaboration offers a model of two foundations joining forces to maximize the social impact of a delivery partner.

JobAct® is a transformational skills development and employment initiative run by PROJEKTFABRIK, an educational social enterprise based in Germany. JobAct® works with young people aged 18–25 years who have left education with few or poor qualifications, have no apprenticeship secured, and face multiple difficulties entering the job market. The programme provides participants with both professional and social skills using a combination of general application training and creative theatre work as a means to enhance their self confidence and social skills. The programme has achieved a significant impact beyond government job centre schemes: An average of 60 percent of the young people it works with move into employment, compared with the 24 percent success rate of government job centres. With a previous three year investment, J.P. Morgan has funded the scale-up of JobAct® from a project-based initiative to a national programme.  J.P. Morgan is currently supporting the programmes sustainability with match funding through the Catalyst Fund. 

Download brochure on JobAct and possibilities to support Projektfabrik (in German)

ArbeiterKind encourages and assists high school students from families who have not been to university, to become first generation undergraduate students and, importantly, continues this support through to graduation. Through the programme, students join ArbeiterKind and meet their peers dealing with similar challenges and together through mentoring, gain confidence and self encouragement. The additional problem of the lack of accessible, comprehensible information about university is addressed through a bespoke website and a one-to-one mentorship programme. Through this programme, the organisation is able to build up a local network of mentors who go in to schools and specifically promote the possibility of attending university. J.P. Morgan has funded the organisation to develop this successful model of approach in six further cities in the state of Hesse. The continuing interest in and success of the programme means that in the long term, this model could be implemented by the state education system to encourage students to look towards increased career opportunities. In a second project, J.P. Morgan is currently funding to review and implement enhanced strategies for a sustainable growth and implement a fundraising strategy, including profiling the success of the organisation.

Polytechnische Gesellschaft
Polytechnische Gesellschaft is dedicated to working for the benefit of Frankfurt and its citizens. J.P. Morgan is funding the development of the new Diesterweg School Academy, a new integration programme for teachers, which is being delivered concurrently with the already established Diesterweg Scholarship Programme, developed by Polytechnische Gesellschaft. The focus of the scholarship programme is targeted to primary school children from migrant backgrounds that have a high potential but, as a result of language issues, inadequate support at home and limited understanding of the German schooling system, have little chance of developing their full potential. Building on this scholarship programme,The new Diesterweg School Academy has been developed to focus on the schools as institutions, with the aim of training the teachers on how to integrate, encourage and provide support to migrant children.

Verein zur beruflichen Förderung von Frauen e.V. (VbFF)
Founded in 1978, VbFF has been assisting women of diverse backgrounds in their professional development, with a specific focus on young immigrant women. The range of programmes that VbFF provides for these women is what makes them unique in Frankfurt. They provide part-time and full time vocational training, assistance for the long-time unemployed to re-enter the job market as well as career planning advisory, professional re-orientation and job preparation training. With potential public sector cuts, the priority at VbFF has been to professionalise their fundraising approach and methodology to become more independent from public funding and develop a more diversified funding stream. The aim is to ensure sustainability of their current programme range and find opportunities to develop further opportunities for more young women. J.P. Morgan is funding the professionalization of VbFF’s fundraising approach.

The Stifterverband is a private, non-profit funding organisation. Its funding initiatives aim at structural reforms within the German higher education and research system to make it more (internationally) competitive and perform better. A current prominent objective is to facilitate access to higher education opportunities for non-traditional students. Stifterverband has developed a diversity audit “Vielfalt gestalten” (~Shaping Diversity), which has been designed to enable universities to cope better with an increasingly diversified student body. Universities to be audited have to reflect upon their current ability of dealing with diversity and conceive a strategy and specific measures in both mandatory and optional fields of action. J.P. Morgan is subsidizing eight universities to take part in the auditing process who are focusing on migrant students in their diversity strategies.

Bildung Kickt
“Bildung Kickt” is a three year scholarship programme using a different approach to engage students to achieve their potential. It is targeted at 5-7 graders with mainly migrant and difficult social background. It combines the four elements education, sports, integration and engagement in a holistic approach to increase the participants’ chances in life. The sports/football element serves as a “door-opener” to these youth. However, the main idea is that sports enhances intellectual capabilities and the ability to learn and concentrate as well as self-confidence, motivation, and other important values, such as respect, team spirit, creativity, ability to solve conflicts, fairness, goal orientation, and enthusiasm. The major aims are not to support new football talents, but to help youth with difficult backgrounds improve their school and career chances, and to support integration and social engagement. J.P. Morgan is funding the development and roll-out of the education and integration elements during the three year pilot of the programme.


Ashoka Switzerland

Ashoka is the world’s leading organisation for the promotion of social entrepreneurs, having a current network of 3,000 social entrepreneurs (elected as ‘Ashoka Fellows’) across 70 countries. In Switzerland, Ashoka’s vision is to find and foster practical and efficient solutions to address the main social challenges. This is done by supporting social entrepreneurs who have high social and environmental impact, with an aim to help build synergies between social and business sectors in Switzerland and also abroad with the Ashoka network.

J.P. Morgan support will enable Ashoka to scale up ‘Programme Impact’ across Switzerland, building the capacity of 10 social enterprises from across the country that are at early to mid-growth stage (1-5 years), to ensure their sustainability and maximise their social impact. This will be achieved through training and workshops that will be delivered by professionals, academics and social entrepreneurs. Alongside this, funding will also enable the growth of the social enterprise sector in Switzerland through the creation of a best practice guide and development of a collaborative online platform to foster collaboration between social entrepreneurs.

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge
J.P. Morgan also provides substantial support to young disabled athletes in Germany via Deutsche Sporthilfe with funds raised at the annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt. A contribution from each runner in the race is matched by J.P. Morgan. More than 1.25 million Euros have been raised in six years (2007 to 2012). Deutsche Sporthilfe is our current partner for the donations from the annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt. Deutsche Sporthilfe has been supporting German athletes in their personal development for more than 40 years. Together with J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Sporthilfe identifies opportunities to effectively support young disabled athletes with the funds raised at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.



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