Higher Education

Today, colleges and universities are challenged by significant and pervasive financial uncertainty. In addition to seasonal cash flow and unpredictable enrollment, schools now face government funding cuts and increased competition for tuition dollars.

Also, the increasing globalization of the education industry has prompted leading colleges and universities to develop innovative global programs, partnerships and overseas campuses – enhancing their ability to attract and retain students from all over the world. Our extensive overseas expertise and accessible, advanced international solutions set us apart, allowing us to fully support schools' international growth and their study abroad programs – wherever they may be.

Whatever the need, colleges and universities can partner with J.P. Morgan for an intelligent review and innovative re-thinking of their financial approaches. They can leverage J.P. Morgan's experience, credit knowledge and capacity, as well as state-of-the-art technology. Our solutions simplify finances, manage cash flow, improve financial reporting and controls and streamline operations – helping schools maximize their emerging opportunities and adapt to change.

Comprehensive Treasury Solutions

Colleges and universities require treasury solutions for improved cost savings in the short-term and more transparent process efficiencies in the long run. J.P. Morgan's tailored solutions also help schools simplify and improve their service levels and supplier management.

Credit and Liquidity Facilities

J.P. Morgan offers tailored, competitive credit and short-term liquidity management solutions for colleges and universities. Our clients also benefit from access to our world-class capital raising, mergers and acquisitions and asset liability management expertise.

International Capabilities

To effectively succeed in today's global landscape, schools looking to open overseas branch campuses require strong focus and experience in the international markets. J.P. Morgan offers the insight, financial strategies and best practices to help capitalize on the trends, challenges and opportunities impacting the rise of the overseas branch campus.

Higher Education Insights

J.P. Morgan experts offer their insight into the trends that impact today's higher education institutions.

To learn more about how J.P. Morgan's financial solutions for higher education can help you, please contact us or call your Commercial Banker.
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  • J.P. Morgan named “Best Bank in North America”
    Global Finance 2012
  • J.P. Morgan has ranked #1 or #2 on the annual list of the strongest 1,000 global banks, based on capital strength or the amount of Tier 1 capital held
    The Banker, 2009 – 2012
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    Ernst & Young Survey, 2000 – 2011
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