Commercial Banking

J.P. Morgan’s Commercial Bank has been consistently committed to the Canadian market for several decades. Operations in this segment include:

Middle Market Banking offers mid-sized Canadian companies a complete range of best-in-class financial solutions designed to optimize cash flow, maximize working capital, streamline business processes, manage risk, and support information reporting requirements.

Corporate Client Banking serves corporate clients with cross-border and international needs. We seamlessly deliver the firm’s capabilities in the areas of investment banking, capital raising, risk management, treasury services, cash management and investment management.

International Banking meets the Canadian needs of our U.S. and internationally headquartered clients.

Asset Based Lending provides operating credit to clients based on accounts receivable and inventory collateral support.

We bring coordinated coverage to develop relationships across commercial and investment banking products and are an ideal partner for Canadian companies with cross-border and international banking needs. We are able to support our clients with a lending relationship, and our dominant position in the North American syndicated loan market makes us an excellent choice to arrange and lead corporate credit facilities or to complement an existing syndicate. At J.P. Morgan’s Commercial Bank, we seek to develop strong relationships with quality companies that have use for our strong capabilities in the U.S. and abroad.

Contact Us

Middle Market Banking:
Michael Bauer, Market Manager and Managing Director, Canada Middle Market
+1 416 981 2316

Martin Bazinet
Executive Director
+1 514 840 1314

Daniel Thomson
Executive Director
+1 313 256 2311

Alvin Wong
Executive Director
+1 416 981 2339

Corporate Client Banking:
Adeel Kheraj
Executive Director
+1 416 981 2317

Marc Gagnon
Executive Director
+1 514 840 1315

Dale Meger
Executive Director
+1 403 532 2053

International Banking:
Michael Tam
Relationship Executive
+1 416 981 2323

Asset Based Lending:
Agostino Marchetti
Executive Director
+1 416 981 2365


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