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Fixed Income

J.P. Morgan is one of the largest providers of derivative solutions in the world. The firm has the analytical talent, risk management expertise, structuring know-how and global footprint to help issuers and investors protect their financial exposure against the vagaries of today’s markets.

Whether disruptions or opportunities arise from fluctuations in interest rates, currency values, commodity prices, stock values or credit ratings, J.P. Morgan, with its unique combination of research, problem-solving insight, innovation and delivery proficiency, is ideally positioned to develop and implement solutions that help clients achieve their business goals and strategic risk/reward priorities.

Australia’s Fixed Income group covers a number of product areas, including:

  • Interest rate swaps, caps, floors, options and spread locks
  • Foreign Exchange (FX), forward rate agreements and FX options
  • Government, semi-government and supranational bonds
  • Credit derivatives (default swaps, total return swaps, collateralised loan obligations, ABS and RMBS)
  • Corporate bonds

In keeping with the firm’s client-centric approach, the derivative product professionals collaborate with the Investment Bank’s industry experts and regional specialists to design risk management solutions that are most appropriate and effective, given industry characteristics and geographic constraints and imperatives.

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