Services Groups

The Services Group is a key strategic initiative by the bank to leverage global talent and capability. With facilities in Mumbai and Bangalore, the groups operate as fully integrated virtual teams within the respective lines of businesses of J.P. Morgan. The center currently supports the Investment Bank, Treasury & Securities Services, Asset Management, Chase Card Services and Commercial Banking as well as corporate groups such as Global Finance and Global Technology.

New products, new relationships and new markets all create huge opportunities for the business, yet it is often the multiskilled teams within operations, technology and finance that are the architects of our competitive edge. These are the people who guarantee the distinctively first-class way of doing business, through faultless execution, continuous improvement and practical innovation.

The Operations team delivers process support for core business activities, from transactions, measurement and analysis to client services. It is never just a question of processing: our main focus is always to find better ways to conduct business. This group is a decisive contributor to business performance and our competitive edge and is responsible for the end-to-end management of a transaction after it has been booked by the front office. It involves experts in Risk Management, Trader Support, Fund Administration, Client Services, Profit & Loss Analysis and Settlements. The Operations team also supports new market and product developments and leads internal consultancy projects focusing on business improvements.

J.P. Morgan has one of the best technology platforms in the global financial sector. Technology is split into two distinct yet mutually supporting areas: Business Technology and Infrastructure. Business Technology focuses on building and designing new business functionality, while Infrastructure concentrates on core operating systems, data centers, desktops, networks, mainframes and distributed servers.

The analysis and delivery of financial information is vital to the healthy growth of our business. We need to check financial reports for validity, provide capital-related information to regulators, and highlight opportunities for improvement in our financial processes. Finance offers support and services across the business, providing expert advice to individual business areas and the firm as a whole.


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