LONDON: J.P. Morgan Asset Management launches JPMorgan Senior Secured Loan Fund investment company

Nov 19, 2013

New UK-listed closed-ended fund focusing mainly on senior loans market

Portfolio to target investment in mainly US and Canadian assets with a primary objective of a high level of income

Demand for floating-rate loans as an asset class is high and set to increase, predicts J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Asset Management, the largest manager of investment trusts in the UK, announces the launch of JPMorgan Senior Secured Loan Fund Limited ('the company') by way of a placing and an offer for subscription. The placing and offer, which opened on Monday 18 November, will close on 2 December 2013. It is expected that the shares will begin trading on 9 December 2013.

The launch will be the second new UK closed-ended fund managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management this year, building on its most successful IPO to date, JPMorgan Global Convertibles Income Fund, which raised £136m in June. The JPMorgan Senior Secured Loan Fund is targeting assets of at least £100m at launch. At launch, the company is principally targeting wealth managers, funds of funds and institutional investors.

The Guernsey-domiciled closed-ended investment company will give investors access to a broadly diversified portfolio of floating-rate debt instruments, at least 80% of which will be senior secured loans, targeting an initial dividend of 5p in respect of the company's first financial period, with some secondary potential for long-term capital growth. The majority of assets (a minimum of 80%) will be in US or Canadian investments, and the portfolio will be hedged back to sterling.

Because senior loans are floating-rate instruments, they provide a level of protection in a rising interest rate environment that may not be available from bonds, where coupons are typically fixed, and enable investors potentially to attain relatively high rates of current income. Loans are usually secured by a security package over a substantial proportion of the borrower's assets, often ranking first in priority of payment, and therefore senior to bonds in a company's capital structure. That means they are less sensitive to changes in credit fundamentals and offer a greater level of capital and income security.

The company will be managed by Jim Shanahan and Bill Morgan from J.P. Morgan Asset Management's High Yield team, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The team manages assets of approximately $38bn (as at 30 September 2013), of which more than $6bn is in senior secured loans. Senior investors in the team have worked together for more than 25 years.

Dividends will be paid half-yearly in the first year, with the intention of moving to quarterly dividend payments thereafter. The company will pay a management fee of 0.75% per annum on the lower of its net asset value or market capitalisation, and the issue price per share will be 100p, with an expected opening net asset value per share of 98.25p. There is a minimum investment of £1,000 under the Offer, with no maximum investment limit. Shares in the company are eligible to be held in an individual savings account (ISA).

Jim Shanahan, senior portfolio manager for the High Yield Group at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, said: "The closed-ended structure of this new fund suits our opportunistic style of fund management, as it will have a stable pool of assets. Often the optimal time to buy senior secured loans is when risk aversion is high, but when risk aversion is high that is also the time that many investors head for the exit. Because it does not have to manage inflows and outflows, the closed-ended structure is a better vehicle to take advantage of market dislocations."

Shanahan continued: "The loans market today is giving us good credit quality and reasonable yield. We do not think that in the current policy environment we need to go very defensive. At present we are focused on mid-range credits rated B, where yields are in the 4-7% range."

Simon Crinage, Head of Investment Trusts at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, added: "We are very excited about this launch, which we see as answering significant demand for floating-rate assets of this type as investors begin to focus on the prospect of rising interest rates at some point in the coming months or years. The UK market is under-served by funds investing in senior secured loans, in part because the UCITS rules do not permit loans to be held in the portfolios of UCITS-qualifying funds. As the largest manager of closed-ended funds in the UK, and a major player in the loans market through our highly experienced High Yield Team, we look forward to helping UK investors to broaden their exposure to this market."

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