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JPMorgan Investor Funds seek to deliver all the benefits of asset allocation and diversification-- reduced risk, less volatility and more consistent performance--in a single convenient vehicle... There are four different Investor Funds available, each backed by the global resources and expertise of one of the world’s leading asset managers.

An Investor Fund is a mutual fund that invests in other mutual funds representing a full range of asset classes and investment styles. With just one investment, a participant is diversified across a well-rounded portfolio of stock, bond, money market and specialty funds. Each Investor Fund holds a different asset mix to pursue its return objectives without exceeding our strict risk guidelines. Asset classes and investment styles are systematically rebalanced back to their target weights at least once a month. This practice maintains the risk profile of the portfolio while taking advantage of abnormal fluctuations in the market.

These strategies are meant to form the core of an investor’s portfolio. They are designed to participate in the return potential of all areas of the market, while avoiding the risk of owning just one type of investment. The goal is to limit portfolio fluctuations and provide a smoother ride through the market’s ups and downs.

One fund offering many benefits:

  • Make investment selection simple. Participants select one of four Investor Funds
  • Peace of mind. Fewer concerns about complex portfolio decisions
  • Save time and effort. Experienced professionals handle day-to-day investment tasks
  • Systematic Rebalancing and maintaining risk profile.

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Certain underlying J.P. Morgan Funds may invest in foreign/emerging market securities, small capitalization securities and/or high-yield fixed income instruments. There may be unique risks associated with investing in these types of securities. International investing involves increased risk and volatility due to possibilities of currency exchange rate volatility, political, social or economic instability, foreign taxation and differences in auditing and other financial standards. The fund may invest a portion of its securities in small-cap stocks. Small-capitalization funds typically carry more risk than stock funds investing in well-established "blue-chip" companies since smaller companies generally have a higher risk of failure. Historically, smaller companies' stock has experienced a greater degree of market volatility than the average stock. Securities rated below investment grade are called "high-yield bonds," "non-investment grade bonds," "below investment-grade bonds," or "junk bonds." They generally are rated in the fifth or lower rating categories of Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investors Service. Although these securities tend to provide higher yields than higher rated securities, there is a greater risk that the fund's share price will decline. There may be additional fees or expenses associated with investing in a Fund of Funds strategy.

For more complete information about any of the mutual funds or investment products available within the retirement plan, please call 800-988-9084, ext. 44671.  Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the fund.  Please carefully read the prospectus or fund fact sheet which contains this and other important information before you invest or send money.

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