Portfolio Management

Managing a portfolio requires a significant amount of time and investment expertise. As a result, many investors choose to engage with an experienced Financial Advisor who can work closely with them.

Portfolio Manager Program
J.P. Morgan Securities Portfolio Manager Program is a fee-based investment advisory program that allows you to work closely with one of our portfolio managers. Financial Advisors in our Portfolio Manager Program construct customized portfolios for clients and have discretion over day-to-day investment decisions, which may provide them the opportunity to take advantage of timely investment opportunities.

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Our process, structured yet flexible, recognizes that each client needs and deserves a customized investment plan. Throughout the process, the experience, expertise and market insight of professionals across wealth management is brought together in a cohesive structure.

The benefits of professional money management and implementation plan:

  • Rigorous Review Process: Portfolio managers undergo a thorough initial review by our Portfolio Manager due diligence group that typically includes an analysis of their investment philosophy, areas of specialty, professional background and other factors. In addition, the portfolio manager’s investment strategy are reviewed. Our ongoing oversight includes reviewing portfolio managers periodically on both qualitative and quantitative measurements.
  • Personalized Approach: Your portfolio manager will assess your individual needs and time horizon, as well as your tolerance for risk. This review usually begins with an evaluation of your current financial situation and special family- or business-related considerations. Your portfolio manager may also consult with other advisors you may have, such as accountants, attorneys or business managers, to integrate your investment plan with your entire wealth management plan.
  • Industry-Leading Research: Your portfolio manager has access to the investment insights of J.P. Morgan Investment Bank’s global research team - one of the world’s most highly respected research franchises. This group of analysts studies all sectors and markets in which J.P. Morgan does business, including equities, fixed income, currency and commodities, emerging markets, derivatives and structured finance. In addition, the economics and market strategy teams provide macro and strategic analysis thatyour portfolio manager may employ when developing investment ideas and constructing your portfolio.
  • Direct Access: Your portfolio manager is committed to working on a one-on-one basis with you to address your financial needs. We will keep you informed about your portfolio’s short- and long-term results and, provide periodic reports that include a detailed analysis of your contributions, withdrawals, holdings, performance and benchmark comparisons.

Portfolio Advisor Program
Our Portfolio Advisor Program offers many of the same benefits as the Portfolio Manager Program, except that it is a non-discretionary program. This means your Financial Advisor will discuss recommended transaction with you before making changes to your portfolio.

Investment products: Not FDIC insured · No bank guarantee · May lose value

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