Daniele Magazzeni, PhD

AI Research Director

Daniele Magazzeni, PhD, joined J.P. Morgan in 2020, and before he was Professor of Artificial Intelligence at King’s College London (where he is now Visiting Professor).

In his academic career, Dr. Magazzeni led a team of researchers working on AI for efficient resource allocation and optimization of processes, and on Explainability of AI.

He is the former President of the International Conference on AI Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS), and former General Chair of the ACM International Conference on AI in Finance (ICAIF).

At J.P. Morgan, he is the Head of the firmwide Center of Excellence on AI Explainability and Fairness (XAI COE), which is the central hub for understanding how AI/ML models work and make predictions. He also oversights the AI Research projects on optimization, with a focus on efficient allocation of resources and the deployment of common capabilities across the firm.

Dr. Magazzeni has published 70+ research publications and is a JPMC prolific inventor with 20+ patents.