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J.P. Morgan Payments is defining a vision that showcases how payment innovations will shape the exchange of value in the future. Unlocking new insights, experiences, and business opportunities

The items below represent possible future state commerce technology solutions and are not product offerings of J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. or any of its affiliates.

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The exchange of value is the heart of commerce

Imagine an inclusive world of personalization, responsible upcycling, endless aisles, dynamic pricing, bespoke product creation, and more.


Biometric Entrance

More than biometric payments, it’s customer safety with a frictionless shopping experience. The only wallet customers will need is their face.

  • User walks into building entrance and face is recognized.
  • User is greeted with a friendly welcome message and enters the world of personalized commerce.
  • Through entire experience the User can leverage their Biometrics to add to cart, check-out, or have delivered to their home.
  • Biometric login provides a more personalized experience resulting in key data insights on purchase and experience behavior.
Biometric Entrance
Responsible Upcycling

Responsible Upcycling

Trade-in, customize, and re-purpose zone where products can be repaired or transformed, extending their lifecycle via a single platform with multi-party sellers.

  • User brings in existing product and can sell back, customize, repair, or transform it.
  • Data insights dashboard provides view into multi-party seller and trade-in market.
  • User places order and payment is immediately realized from their digital wallet.
  • Purchase data is cataloged to merchant app for pre-planned repairs and upgrades.
  • Back-end logistics processes returns, exchanges, and credit tracking.
  • Data insights dashboard provides view into multi-party seller and trade-in market.

Dynamic Product Pricing

Digital tags displaying real-time pricing built off variables such as: real-time inventory, material/shipping costs, and other factors, with personalized product information. Transparency fuels purchasing decisions based on market value and product story.

  • User looks at display and product tag updates based on personalized data.
  • User views pricing, discounts, and other product details based on their preferences.
  • User uses biometrics in digital wallet to add products to cart and immediately checkout.
  • NFC, Beacon, and Spatial Tracking allows pricing to dynamically update.
  • Insights dashboard tracks raw materials, COGS tracking, Inventory, Sales, and Returns.
  • Purchase data is cataloged to merchant app for future product recommendations, upgrades, and discounts.
Dynamic Product Pricing
Co-Creation Table

Co-Creation Table

Interactive table fueled by a digital marketplace. Select, customize, and build products on-site. Brands & Creators can submit their designs to be searched, upvoted, featured, and included in future purchases.

  • User builds a customized product by selecting and combining various components via co-creation UI.
  • User immediately orders product, receives it via on-site printing and pays with a digital wallet.
  • User’s product creation is uploaded to marketplace to be searched, upvoted, and featured.
  • Marketplace fueled by multi-party payment processing, cross-currency, and embedded finance solutions.
  • Customers’ search history, likes, and user behavior on the platform informs what designs from Creators & Brands are surfaced.
  • Insights dashboard is served back to each Creator to inform top design combinations, searched, upvoted, and total revenue.

Endless Media Aisle

Interactive display of personalized product discovery turns this showroom shoppable through content-driven storytelling. Endless Aisle powers a world of infinite SKUs created by Brands and showcased by Creators.

  • User views display and product changes based on personalized data.
  • User interacts with holographic display to view infinite SKUs via multi-party marketplace, API integrations, and affiliate marketing.
  • User places order via biometrics and payment is immediately realized from their digital wallet.
  • Content and products are curated and served via consumer’s engagement history.
  • Third-party API integration supports continuously-updated experiences and payment from ad revenue to creators.
  • Marketplace fueled by multi-party payment processing, cross-currency, and embedded finance solutions.
Endless Media Aisle
Extended Reality Lab

Extended Reality Lab

Future forward physical experience fueled by virtual interactions via AR/VR headset. Transport to new environments through personalized interactions where you can see, hear, and feel in-app upleveling, and loyalty product extensions.

  • User walks into experience reality lab and puts on AR/VR goggles.
  • Physical space is then overlayed with new virtual environments, products, and content that the user can interact with.
  • User purchases goods via AR/VR and immediately pays via embedded payments and digital wallets.
  • Allows experimentation with the most seamless integration of the future.
  • Embedded payment technology enables entrance, in-experience purchases, merchant processing.
  • Insights dashboard tracks purchases, experience upgrades, tinker time, and bugs.

Trends catalyzing personalization

A variety of broader trends are shaping the personalized commerce experience. Below is an overview of five key areas and their impacts.

As the line between digital and physical shopping blur, brands are creating new shopping experiences that blend the best of both elements.
Social media presents opportunities for both innovative shopping experiences and to meet new generations of shoppers where they’re at.
As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability in shopping decisions, brands can incorporate opportunities to enhance the longevity of their products.
Technological evolutions will enhance consumers’ ability to tailor and customize purchases to their unique needs and preferences.
Brands can adopt to ever-evolving political and economic shifts through altering prices to account for shifts in costs and consumer insights.

Solutions driving the future of commerce

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Omnichannel Payments

Unify cross-channel payments to simplify commerce with biometrics (coming soon), tap-to-pay, and managed omnichannel.

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Embedded Finance

Drive revenue and enhance customer experiences with a single end-to-end payments solution.

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Online Payments

Agile online payments that adapt as customers’ needs change, including hosted payments and the J.P. Morgan Payments Platform.

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Supply chain finance

Help buyers and suppliers meet their working capital, risk mitigation and cash flow objectives.

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e-commerce finance

Provides SMEs with immediate access to short term working capital for marketing, advertising and inventory spend.

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Inventory finance

Reduce direct investment in inventory, while creating extended payable terms.

(Coming Soon)


More than biometric payments, it’s customer safety.

With near-instant processing and unmatched security you’d expect from J.P. Morgan, your customers’ face or hand will be the only wallet they need to get everything they want.

Future capabilities of biometrics are under development; features and timelines are subject to change at the Bank’s sole discretion.


Customers can check out without their phone or wallet, so they can get back to their seat before a single lap has gone by.


Identity-matching with palm or face makes biometric payments a leader in payments security.


Customers save preferred payment methods and loyalty accounts for a smooth contactless checkout.

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