The objectives of doing things in a more digital, resilient and efficient manner might have accelerated in 2020 but it was a journey the financial institutions industry has been on for a number of years.

So what is truly new? We think three things are going to really shape the industry in the coming years — digital coins, platform as a service and ESG.

They might even complement each other as drivers of fundamental change in how we operate and manage transaction banking, in ways not yet fully appreciated or priced in.

Drivers of change in payments

  • With a renewed appetite for change and collaboration, could 2021 herald a step-change for the financial services industry?
  • Could this be the year when the first central bank digital currency is tested and/or issued, with the ECB paving the way?
  • Will we see banks and fintechs successfully using “platform as a service” models that replace proprietary and legacy systems?
  • What will the renewed focus on ESG mean for financial institutions— including our financing activities and conduct as corporate citizens?

While the jury is out on how these topics might evolve, we can be confident that 2021 will be an exciting year for our industry.

Perhaps the most reassuring view of all is that the challenges of 2020 did not break the basic building blocks of transaction banking. It was a year of immense determination and resiliency and it is these attributes that we believe set the path for a brighter 2021.

As you look for opportunities to meet the challenges that this year will bring, we would like to extend an open invitation to meet with our wholesale payments and treasury experts on any of the topics detailed in this outlook or any other topic on your agenda, at a time convenient to you.


We would be delighted to meet and discuss these takeaways in greater detail. Please contact your J.P. Morgan representative.

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