Local government buildings

State and local governments are aiming to improve the way they deliver services, manage public resources and strengthen their communities. While change may take more time and resources to implement than with companies in the private sector, governments large and small are embracing technology, streamlining fragmented back-office functions and improving the constituent experience.

JPMorgan Chase has reached a major milestone—becoming the only bank able to hold and receive government deposits in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Here are some ways that government banking can help the public sector serve its citizenry in more communities than ever before.

Modernizing payments 

E-commerce has shown that consumers prefer fast, frictionless payments. Today, many public entities are moving toward digital billing to ease payments for their constituents.

Our treasury services tools enable government entities to deliver bills electronically and accept bill payments with a range of payment methods. Constituents can pay their utility bills, parking tickets, property taxes and more with everything from debit and credit cards to ACH payments and mobile wallets. Our Digital Bill Payments solution lets governments set up a streamlined front-end format for bill payment across agencies, reducing or eliminating manual processes for public workers and providing features like automated recurring payments to constituents. The modern alternatives to cash and check transactions can lead to simpler bookkeeping, faster processing and less mail volume—not to mention shorter service lines, easier phone calls and reduced exposure to fraud or abuse.

JPMorgan Chase's virtual card service can automate payments, hold down costs and grow revenue streams. The digital payments replace traditional paper checks paid by accounts payable. Instead, vendors receive a unique 16-digit account number for each payment. As a card program scales larger by including more agencies and entities, the participants all have a chance to receive a more substantial rebate.

Greater resilience 

Older methods of payables and receivables rely on labor-intensive manual processes, and any disruptions—including those from extreme weather, power outages or cyberattacks—can bring a government’s financial operations to a halt.

We have the size and scope to help communities quickly rebuild after natural disasters. After the Gulf Coast faced a historically strong hurricane, for example, we quickly offered a $150 million line of credit toward cleanup and recovery.

Using services like JPMorgan Chase's outsourced check printing can better ensure that payments can proceed as planned, and at a lower cost than printing and mailing each check in-house. 

One of our government clients in New England found that its accounts payable process was preventing their office from going fully remote during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As an existing accountholder, they were fully implemented with remote check printing in fewer than three weeks.

Even when it's not an emergency, the solution has helped reduce costs and streamline processes. In Delaware, Louisiana and other states, the tool has helped distribute unclaimed property checks more quickly, returning tens of millions of dollars to residents. 

"No one loves change, but it became clear for us that this would be beneficial. The efficiencies have translated to saving taxpayer dollars and innovation to move toward more advanced performance in what we offer our constituents." - Collen Davis, Delaware State Treasurer

Features such as Positive Pay can help protect government accounts from check fraud attempts and can free up employees for higher-priority tasks. 

As state and local governments become an increasingly frequent target of ransomware, JPMorgan Chase can help them adopt best cybersecurity practices, take preventative measures, such as tabletop exercises, and better respond to attacks.

We’re here to help

When banking solutions free up finite public resources, it allows governments to focus on things that make our towns more livable, connected and healthy.

"The thing that excites me is that we get to see the value that we create out in the community," says Leif Chase, Government Industry Manager for Commercial Banking. "It's police cars, school buses, city hall facilities, utilities improvements. It’s a better experience for the people that we work with, policymakers and civil servants—they really want to make a difference."

Located in communities nationwide, our Government Banking group's dedicated team of bankers bring specialized knowledge of complex organizations to serve governments at every level and across all areas of their operations.

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