Treasured: resources to empower treasurers

Treasurers are changing the world - and given digital transformation, collaborating across departments to inform effective outcomes is on the rise. Treasurers are finding new ways to create value by speaking the language of their peers across the business and leading with influence.

The more the business is challenged, the more treasury involvement should happen.

Kazuhito Hadano
CEO, Sony Ventures Corporation

Treasury has evolved to having a seat at the table along with the business and other functions of the organization when critical business decisions are made.

Florena Mitrojorgji
Former Fortune 100 Treasury, Business Lead

It’s vital to understand the perspective of different stakeholders and build healthy relationships.

Tian Song
Treasury BD & Capital Market Leader

Treasury needs people with an open mind about AI... I am convinced these are the skills the next generation of treasurers need to develop.

Kemi Bolarin
Head of Treasury – Europe, GXO Logistics

new technologies

Technology can help transform businesses and increase Treasury efficiency in day-to-day tasks, freeing up time to focus on more strategic collaborations. Treasurers who have a foundational understanding of tech in key areas can advocate for solutions that work cohesively with their treasury management systems.

APIs can support digital transformations such as real-time payments and real-time visibility into cash positioning. These innovations can delight both partners and treasurers, but they require treasurers to have a foundational understanding of APIs, so they can advise on where they are more additive to business goals and communicate this to technology teams.


Virtual accounts allow treasurers to aggregate accounts, which offers benefits such as detailed reporting and seamless accounting. These features are foundational building blocks to support digital innovation across the business, and treasurers who understand what their peers want can better frame the need for virtual accounts within the context of how it helps different functions.


Treasurers who take a long-term approach to technological development, and work in lockstep with Tech and Innovation teams can make a huge impact on business efficiency. With a seat at the table, Treasurers can apply their financial expertise to advise on tech and cash flow in a way that creates operational efficiencies and saves costs.


"Now more than ever, data management, standardization and how we can create more efficiency through technology drives treasury business and dictates the types of banking partners we chose to work with."

Janko Hahn
Head of Treasury Operations
Business Lead

user needs

Businesses are increasingly using payments as an avenue towards digital transformation, by creating additive experiences for the customer or supplier on the other side of the transaction. Treasurers who understand users' expectations of omni-channel and frictionless payments can influence the build of an ideal solution.

Businesses now view a best-in-class customer experience as a competitive advantage, much like price or product quality. Payments can help to drive that experience: consumers now expect frictionless, often invisible payments, embedded within their buying journey, and want the ability to connect their experience across channels.


The explosion of the gig economy now means that many organizations employ on-call or temporary workers. These employees may make employment decisions around the ability to instantly receive their pay, making earned wage access a competitive differentiator for platform-based business models.


Businesses have seen in recent years how critical an efficient supply chain is to meeting business needs. Many Operational Executives have adopted practices such as nearshoring, diversification of suppliers and closer inventory management. Treasurers have a huge role to play here, by advocating for payment solutions that enhance these practices and analysing the impact on a firm’s cash flow.


"We’re excited about the potential of this brand-new tool. With Real-Time Payments, there’s no more waiting. I just hope the rest of the commercial real estate industry adopts this technology."

David Miller
Treasurer and Senior Vice President
Hunt Companies

your industry

Businesses can learn a lot from transformations taking place within their industry. This context helps to illuminate additional solutions that could develop their business, and Treasurers who understand this context can be proactive in helping to build and shape this vision.

Digital payment solutions can provide a myriad of benefits, such as increasing patient centricity, connecting healthcare ecosystems, increasing inclusion in the space and supporting innovation. All of these aid in increased operational efficiencies, driving progress within the industry.


Mobility is driving the future; drivers and riders can now benefit from seamless payments across their entire mobility journey, from financing (or even subscribing to) a car, intelligent insurance, to in-vehicle purchases. These solutions open the door to new cross-industry partnerships and new ecosystems surrounding the automotive journey.
Disclaimer: Future capabilities of mobility payment solutions are under development; features and timelines are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion.


Payments can support new technology within marketplaces, super apps and social media commerce platforms, which are transforming the digital economy. Platform owners and large B2B companies have an opportunity to drive innovation that supports their small business partners.


"The marketplace was a natural next step. We expect to have 100 sellers onboarded by year end, and the expectation is that it will grow to 700 at the end of five years."

Marc Parenteau
Vice President of Treasury


Risk management is an inherent part of the role of the Treasurer, but peers may struggle to understand the need for additional trust and safety layers that fortify against emerging and ongoing concerns.

An understanding of how new technology integrates into preexisting systems can help Treasury identify operational risks, cash flow risks and even potential impacts on credit risk.


Being able to communicate the workflow of new trust and safety tools, such as proactive controls which can help stop fraud before it happens, can be helpful in bringing the business up the learning curve throughout implementation. It’s equally important to communicate any bottlenecks or timeline updates.


For many procurement exercises, the number of potential providers can be overwhelming. Treasurers who are able to articulate the financial non-negotiables for new partners can positively influence business outcomes and streamline the selection process.


"Our Company has been focused on continued rationalization of bank accounts and implementing the best possible liquidity structure. As part of our treasury evolution, we have been transitioning away from physical accounts into a virtual account environment. ... So far the experience is everything we hoped it would be."

Cathy Fields
Assistant Treasurer and Director of Global Risk Management
Hitachi Vantara

your core skills

Most treasurers understand risk, but their partners may fail to understand the need for additional trust and safety layers that fortify against emerging and ongoing concerns. Beyond understanding the value of new trust and safety tools, treasurers must prepare to communicate around a few key topics with partners.

Flow of funds
The digital economy creates opportunities and challenges for treasurers, like how to handle third-party money, or hold FX in new jurisdictions, which both come with cash management considerations.
Working Capital
Empower your business by unlocking cash in the conversion cycle to redeploy in capital investment.
Cash flow forecasting
Incorporate tools that improve cash-flow forecasting and make it more efficient.

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