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Consumers expect digital-first solutions when interacting with companies, and payments are no exception. As traditional payment options transform–becoming more mobile and real-time focused–J.P. Morgan is at the forefront, partnering with clients to provide innovative, reliable solutions to meet their ever-changing environment.

Designed with flexibility, simplicity, and convenience in mind, Prepaid Card by J.P. Morgan Payments addresses these shifting consumer priorities and delivers solutions that allow payees to enhance their spending power and access diverse payment options with a digital or physical card.

Prepaid Card by J.P. Morgan Payments can also help you reduce your transaction costs and reinforce your brand all while giving your customers, employees, and clients a flexible payment method.

As technology continues to simplify payments across industries, we’re here to help you deliver a unique digital and physical card experience.

Modernize the integrated payments experience

Unlike traditional payments such as checks and ACH, Prepaid Card offers increased flexibility for clients and helps enable a seamless cardholder experience. By virtually eliminating the need to collect bank account details to distribute funds, we can help you support a modern integrated payments experience, providing a secured, broad-range disbursement method for a low-cost or at no-cost to your business.1

Companies can access our solution in the modality that works for them as we support multiple enrollment and funding methods including classic direct transmission, open banking APIs, web entry, and upload solutions. Prepaid Card also offers clients the ability to closely integrate the solution within their own web and app environments.

Offering payees flexibility is also key, giving them the convenience of using their Visa-branded card at merchants and banks across the globe. And, when coupled with our direct DDA funding option, clients can issue a digital card and fund it in real time, generally offering payees immediate access to their funds, which can lead to an enhanced payments experience.

Explore what’s possible

Simplifying your cash disbursement program is critical, enabling you to leverage it across business models so you can support multiple payout scenarios for your customers and employees. Prepaid Card by J.P. Morgan Payments is a key tool within the B2C payments ecosystem that can help you achieve this.

While single-load cards are ideal for one-off payments like customer refunds, rebates, insurance check replacements and incentives, we cannot lose site of the gig, e-commerce, and fintech economies. As these economies continue to evolve, companies will need to differentiate themselves by how quickly they can compensate with flexible payment opportunities. Our reloadable card options can help you elevate that experience.2

Explore the benefits of Prepaid Card to potentially maximize your payee experience

The needs of your business are changing. Technology is driving rapid shifts in how individuals work, shop, and expect to receive payments. Your customers, employees, and clients demand financial flexibility and security.


At JPMorgan, we have the tools to help you succeed and achieve. Prepaid card by JPMorgan Payments helps clients address these priorities and offers the ability to extend a seamless real-time payments experience that can be used digitally or in traditional brick-and-mortar locations. Our prepaid card helps you manage B2C payments across a multitude of use cases, including consumer rebates and incentives, employee spending, and client refunds, all focused on helping you deliver a better payments experience to your payees.


Our solution addresses many of the modern needs of your payees, whether they are banked, unbanked, or choose not to provide banking information. We provide you with a unique digital and physical card experience that can help reinforce your brand and keep your payees engaged, save your business money by avoiding check fees, and fund cards in real time, enabling instant use. Beyond benefits to your organization, your employees and customers can benefit from options for instant digital card access alongside traditional physical card, both of which are accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are recognized; and optional cash access to many ATMs around the world, over 48,000 of which are surcharge-free.


With prepaid card by JPMorgan Payments, your consumer disbursements can be more flexible, simple, and convenient than ever before. Backed by the strength, security, and expertise of JPMorgan, the nation's number one card-issuing bank, our prepaid card can help solve real-world disbursement challenges while prioritizing the payee experience. At JPMorgan, we're rethinking payments.



Payments solutions designed to meet your needs

Prepaid Card offers a consumer-focused option that can be leveraged across multiple business-to-consumer payments use cases. We are committed to efficiently integrating Prepaid Card disbursements into your organization. With a proven ability to deliver industry-leading innovation and best-in-class solutions, we are a trusted leader across payments here to support you at every stage.3

At J.P. Morgan, we’re rethinking payments. Connect with your J.P. Morgan representative to learn more about our Prepaid Card payments solution.

Certain products and solutions are exclusively offered to select business or commercial clients. Please be advised to consult with your banker to verify their availability. Additionally, it should be noted that new products are scheduled for launch and eligibility criteria may apply.



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Configurable, additional fees may apply


Greenwich 2022 U.S. Large Corporate Cash Management Study, Excellence Awards Winner for Accuracy of Operations, Customer Service, Ease of Doing Business, Digital Platform Functionality, Digital Platform Security Capabilities, Innovation, International Product Capability, Real Time Insights and Analytics on Payments and Receivables, Quality of Advice, Frequency of Contact and Timely Follow-up