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The acceleration in payments innovation over the past 18 months has caused a complete transformation of the landscape – across payments, fintech and transaction banking.  Where will this journey take us next, and what will the payments ecosystem of the future look like?

We see further growth in marketplaces; a blurring of the lines caused by IoT and AI; new and exciting use cases for blockchain in banking; and a giant step forward that could turn the existing banking paradigms upside-down – programmable money and banking at the edge.

Here’s how your organization can keep moving on this innovation journey.

The potential for the digital economy is virtually limitless


Back in 2010, the fastest way to get money on the same day from New York to London was to fly it there yourself. Now payments can be made securely in seconds, to anywhere in the world at virtually no cost. Innovation in payments happens fast. J.P Morgan's POWER+ framework captures five mega themes, that are driving the payment revolution. Platforms, online, wallets, embedded, real time plus value added services.

With payments becoming the new connective tissue of the world, the next decade for payments promises to be even more transformational than the last. It promises to connect the physical and digital economies. And more payments from being the last stop at checkout to a new growth driver for businesses, which is why we believe payments are eating the world. So what's next for your business?


Rapid digitization across the globe is transforming all aspects of our lives, and payments are the most crucial element. From online marketplaces and streaming videos to cross-border money transfers, almost every digital activity relies on a payment system.

J.P. Morgan’s proprietary POWER+ framework outlines five mega-themes that are shaping the future of payments. These mega-themes account for about $54 trillion in global payment flows—and it will only continue to grow.1

This is why we say that payments are eating the world.

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As cars become increasingly more connected, it is no longer just a product to be sold and maintained. It has become a mobile source of payment and data – one that can initiate transactions, serve as a connector between multiple parties and drivers, and even create new business models. Here are 5 ways that Connected Cars will help drive the payment revolution.

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1. J.P. Morgan proprietary research and analysis, as of October 2021.


J.P. Morgan is the marketing name for the Wholesale Payments business of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and its affiliates worldwide.

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