A low interest rate environment, excess liquidity, search for growth and a more positive economic recovery outlook can be some of the reasons attributed to the increase in Q1 2021 deal value, which was greater than two times that of Q1 2020 levels. Monthly deal activity in March 2021 was the highest since 2019. Much of  the deal volume was powered by deals in the $1bn—$10bn range, of which, over half of deals originated in the US. It’s critical that Treasury is engaged early in the process to ensure smooth settlement of the transaction on due date and to be prepared with an integration plan post deal settlement.

Global M&A Value by deal size (US$bn), Q1 2019 – Q1 20211

M&A deal momentum expected to be strong in 20212

M&A deal momentum is expected to continue in 2021 coupled with a low interest rate environment, stability of corporate liquidity buffers, and a positive economic outlook.

Bringing organizations together through mergers and acquisitions, or carving them out through separations and divestitures, are among the most complex business activities an organization can undertake.

How Treasury can provide strategic support to the CFO

Over time, Treasury’s role has evolved from protecting the company’s liquid assets and carrying out core functions to serving as a strategic advisor to the CFO’s office. This means that Treasury needs to navigate shifting business priorities, while still managing company liquidity, funding, and risk management in a globally connected world. With Treasury’s expanded responsibility has come the need to provide strategic support and build a sustainable operational infrastructure to execute the transaction, while delivering long-term shareholder  value.

The key to managing the deal lifecycle is the creation of a strategic and highly defined roadmap that ensures Treasury is fully supporting each vital step in the process. Below is a three-phase roadmap to execute a deal.

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1.Dealogic as of March 31, 2021; Deal value in US$bn

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