Imagine reducing your average processing time from three hours to 20 minutes. This efficiency gain is not limited to imagination, but the reality of Cleareye’s ClearTrade that aims to bring a pioneering solution to ease the critical pain points of thousands of banks globally.

Cleareye’s ClearTrade platform uses data extraction and a sophisticated rules engine to streamline the manual and paper-heavy processes associated with due diligence – with a capability to increase Trade Finance Operations productivity by up to 70%. The solution has demonstrated up to 9 times increase in trade velocity, greater than 85% accuracy standards, and up to 80% reduction in end to end processing time.

Stuart Roberts, Global Head of Trade and Working Capital for J.P. Morgan was always confident in the potential to drive efficiency at the back-office. “Cleareye not only outpaced competitors in terms of accuracy, but they truly understand the trade business. J.P. Morgan has gone one step further and rigorously tested the platform, providing intellectual capacity to enhance the existing system, which we believe offers tremendous value to the broader industry”.

Managing the billions of pages associated with trade operations was the starting point for Cleareye, CEO Mariya George says. “The pandemic was a catalyst for so many things, but the need to digitize unstructured data was a big one. That’s where we started. From that, the customization that we built in allowed for a unique offering, and the work done with J.P. Morgan as an active user of the ClearTrade platform has allowed us to accelerate beyond anything currently available and will allow us to bring this to banks across the world”.

Reducing the operation processing time not only helps to save costs and promote efficiencies, but also increases trade velocities. The outcome of this increased digitalization, includes:

  • Smart interpretation of data and documents to automate letter of credit document examination
  • Contextual and configurable rules engine to supplement existing Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary and International Standard Banking Practice rules   
  • Identification of Trade Based Money Laundering and sanctions red flags 
  • Seamless integration into any existing Trade Finance back-office platforms

There are industry-wide challenges common to all in global trade: fluctuating volumes and the high level of support infrastructure needed. The ability to automate and enhance straight through processing, with the benefits of a powerful rules engine, is a huge first step to solving some of those challenges, and ClearTrade will be central to that change – helping to digitize the future of trade.

Over the past year, ClearTrade has been subjected to rigorous user testing, culminating in a full integration, into J.P. Morgan’s Trade Processing System and is now live supporting transactions in the APAC region, with a global rollout planned over the coming quarters.

Mariya George is excited for the future. “J.P. Morgan maintains a gold standard for digital innovation whilst ensuring regulatory needs are met, and we are very excited about the ClearTrade implementation and go live. This also reinforces the strategic alliance between our firms and Cleareye’s vision to digitize trade operations for banks across the globe.”

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