1. Encourage suppliers to accept card: 

  • Using a One Card program for business to business payments is a win/win solution for buyers and suppliers, helping both parties save time and money.
  • One Card enables buyers to automate payments, reducing manual paper-based activity while increasing rebate payment.
  • Additionally, One Card helps suppliers get paid faster, accelerating cash flow.
  • Here’s how to encourage supplier acceptance of card payments.

2. Establish flow of information to stakeholders:

  • Ensure all key departments within your organization are aware that One Card can be used to pay for purchasing expenses as well as travel and entertainment.
  • Inform colleagues that using One Card helps automate payments, reducing manual processes and benefiting suppliers as they receive faster payments.

3. Mandate compliant employee card usage:

  • Establish and communicate travel and usage policies to increase expense accountability.
  • Encourage card usage for expenses across marketing and advertising, real estate, landscaping, office supplies and more.

4. Use PaymentNet reports to monitor card activity and increase spend transparency:

  • Pull a report (Transaction Detail – MS Excel) to easily access transaction data for all cardholders.
  • Review spend patterns and transaction types in regular accounting meetings.

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