The best way to request a new card(s) is through completing a digital new card application online. Clients who have access to their online tool should utilize that platform to request all cardholder accounts. Applications can be customized, so that only your organization’s specific requirements and information are captured.


Please follow the steps below.

  1. Accounts >Manage
  2. Find an active Account and click on it
  3. Select “Create New Account” on top left
  4. Verify the Hierarchy ID is correct on right, if not correct it
  5. Click on “Rush Card Delivery Information” if card is needed sooner than 5-8 business days
  6. Confirm Account Holder Type “Individual” or “Department” on left
  7. Select Type or Employee
    • No Employee = Creating card only, no access to PaymentNet for cardholder
    • New Employee = Creating card and granting access to PaymentNet for cardholder
    • Existing Employee = Cardholder already has login for PaymentNet and you need to add their user ID
  8. Fill out rest of this page and click “Continue”
  9. Fill out Controls page and click “Continue”
  10. Complete MCC Group Controls page and click “Save”
  11. Card will be delivered within 5-8 business days unless you selected the rush option.

Contact J.P. Morgan Client Application Support at 1-855-886-7638 ( password reset, login, and navigation assistance for PaymentNet.


Please follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to Account Manager > New Account Setup. The New Account Setup page opens
  2. Enter the new account information. All fields marked with an asterisk are required.
  3. Note: Some special characters are not allowed when adding account information. See the Special Character Limitations table for more details.

    Note: The Company Number field should contain the existing company number value in smartdata, which in most cases will match your HL1 number. If your company uses HL2 values, and you select a HL2 value from the Hierarchy Levels menu, the Company Number field will automatically change to match the new value.

    Note: When selecting the card delivery method, a physical address is required for Fast delivery. Fast delivery cannot be made to a P.O. Box.

  4. Click Submit.
  5. Review the confirmation page and select one of the following:
  6. *Edit. The previous New Account Setup page displays, allowing you to edit information as needed. 

    *Submit. Your request is submitted.

  7. After submission, an attestation message asking you to verify the account holder’s identity is displayed.
    Click OK to confirm. After confirming, you will be given the option to manage account information, including adding Merchant Category Code (MCC) Group information.
  8. Select Yes, maintain account to manage the account, or select No, not at this time to complete the account setup.
    Note: If a valid MCCG is not added to new accounts, a restrictive MCCG (“SDRAM”) will be added as a protective measure and the new card may not work until you assign appropriate MCCGs. Once you have applied MCCGs, remove the “SDRAM” MCCG.

Contact J.P. Morgan Client Application Support at 1-855-886-7638 ( for password reset, login, and navigation assistance for SMARTDATA.

If MORE THAN ONE CARD needs to be created for your company and your online tool is not available, you can utilize our Bulk Application process below.

A paper application should only be used for a SINGLE cardholder request when you do not have access to the online tools or your online tool is not available. Requests of more than 1 cardholder should be requested using the above Bulk Cardholder Spreadsheet.

If you have any questions with the bulk or paper applications, please contact your program coordinator. Submit paper or bulk applications by email to