Disciplined wealth planning

Your Wealth Advisor goes beyond selecting investments by helping craft a multigenerational wealth plan focused on your current needs, what you aspire to achieve and the legacy you want to leave behind.  

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A plan that supports your lifestyle—and legacy

As your goals and financial needs evolve over time, your Wealth Advisor will adjust your wealth plan to support your journey, while working to anticipate and react to forces in the markets, the economy and the world.


Understand your priorities

To help ensure that your portfolio and plan align with your goals and risk tolerance, our planning process helps you examine the potential impacts of big financial decisions, such as buying a home or funding your family’s education.


Implement your strategies

In addition to defining your short- and long-term goals, your  Wealth Advisor will develop custom strategies that can help you mitigate taxes, maximize your savings and make the most of your retirement plans.


Check in regularly

Your Wealth Advisor will help you navigate market trends and  plan for future expenses—such as healthcare—while also considering gift and estate taxes, the income you need to fund your lifestyle and efficient ways to distribute your wealth.

Guidance based on your goals

Working with your legal and tax advisors, as well as our trust and estate specialists, your Wealth Advisor can help you transfer your wealth to your intended beneficiaries, at the right time, to reap the most benefits. This process can include establishing a will, trust, power of attorney and advance directives for health care.

Your Wealth Advisor will identify opportunities to support causes that matter to you, help you incorporate charitable giving  strategies into your wealth plan and explore a variety of philanthropic vehicles including split interest trusts, donor-advised funds and private foundations.

To enhance the effectiveness of your wealth plan, your Wealth Advisor can leverage the expertise of our specialists to develop income, gift and estate tax planning strategies that may help you mitigate your present and future tax liabilities.

Top perspectives in the industry

You can leverage J.P. Morgan global research reports from  experienced research analysts in 26 countries across both developed and emerging economies.

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