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GSA SmartPay® 2

Earn More Refunds

J.P. Morgan has demonstrated significant success in growing commercial and government card programs using our virtual Single-Use Account solution and our team of industry experts.

Card program growth yields increased refunds, program efficiencies and improved cost savings. For one federal client, our Single-Use Account solution will produce a nearly 50-percent growth in annual card volume. Select J.P. Morgan, and we can make this solution work for your agency so you can Earn More Refunds.

Single-Use Accounts

In addition to enhancing your Purchase, Travel, and Fleet card programs, we offer a new industry-leading eCommerce payment solution. Agencies will be able to expand the value of the SmartPay® program by leveraging our proprietary solution to make small and large ticket purchases with greater efficiency and control. Single-Use Accounts are Visa or MasterCard accounts that can be seamlessly integrated directly into any government agency procurement and/or payment system.

Experts At Your Fingertips

One of the most valuable resources J.P. Morgan can offer the GSA SmartPay® program is the support of our unique Expansion Services team.

Each member of the expansion services team has an average of 16 years of commercial card industry experience and expertise. After 24 months of working with expansion services, our clients have realized average program growth rates of 170 percent.

Effective Growth Strategy

The expansion services team will customize a growth plan for your agency, using a proven and disciplined methodology. This comprehensive methodology combines both a quantitative analysis of agency accounts payable transaction data, vendor data, and historical purchasing card spend, with a qualitative assessment of your current processes and policies.

This detailed assessment yields an attainable transition and growth strategy that leads to increases savings, efficiencies, and refunds for your agency.

Included is a customized savings benefit, with actionable recommendations supporting achievable and realistic deployment and growth opportunities, and a formal project plan to track the implemented recommendations.


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