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Treasury Solutions

Treasury Solutions includes reports on industry issues, descriptions of how companies like yours are achieving competitive advantages through innovative treasury management, news about enhancements to JPMorgan Treasury Services products and services, tips on maximizing your treasury management investments, and more.


Company's Survival Could Depend on Treasury Contingency Planning
Because the treasury function could be your firm's resiliency in an emergency, it's important that treasury managers develop detailed disaster recovery plans for their departments. See what the plan should include.

Expect Rapid Acceleration in Growth of Check Conversion
About 3.1 billion checks (8% of current check volume) will be converted to ACH transactions in 2005. While conversion is limited to consumer checks, there's still growth in the corporate payables market. Discover where the opportunities lie.

Sarbanes-Oxley Indirectly Creates Legal Exposures for Treasurers
Experts say that while treasury managers typically are not exposed to criminal or financial penalties, they could face legal action in compliance-related lawsuits under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Learn how to protect yourself against personal liability.

Effective Cash Forecasting Yields Greater Returns, Survey Says
A liquidity survey reveals that investors who forecast gain 30 basis points of added portfolio return over industry peers who don't. That's a $150,000 annual return on a $50 million portfolio. Find out how to begin your forecasting process.


On Schedule and Positioned as Treasury Leader
As of July 1, 2004, the holding companies for Bank One and JPMorgan Chase successfully merged, creating an organization with assets of about $1.1 trillion and an even stronger commitment to the treasury management business. Get more details on the merger.


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