J.P. Morgan ACCESS® for Investor Services

Transaction Initiation

Comprehensive instruction capture for trade and cash settlements

Transaction Initiation is J.P. Morgan’s comprehensive browser-based tool for instruction capture across trade and cash settlement instructions. Transaction Initiation is part of the J.P. Morgan ACCESS® portal, our single point of access for information reporting, inquiries, and investment and transaction services. Transaction Initiation

Transaction Initiation provides a secure means to rapidly input, import and transmit U.S. and global instructions across securities trades, affirmations, cash, directed lending and inter-account transfers.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Security — Uses J.P. Morgan ACCESS RSA SecurID® patent pending technology to digitally sign the transmission of instructions and authenticate the originating user
  • Instruction Templates — Creates templates for repetitive instructions, allowing users to enter instructions quickly and efficiently
  • File Import — Allows users to import and translate transaction files for easy upload, eliminating manual entry
  • Flexible Entitlements — Offers ability to customize entitlements by instruction type for input, approval (up to five levels) and transmission, enabling security administrators to configure them to meet internal security requirements

To learn more, download the J.P. Morgan ACCESS Transaction Initiation Fact Sheet or contact your J.P. Morgan representative.


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