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J.P. Morgan, the only custodian to offer a tailored Web-based tax service, has just recently added several new features to our E-Tax system. With the new version, J.P. Morgan combines access to tax information and tools specific to global investing needs. Enhanced search capabilities, tax profile downloads to excel spreadsheets, expanded tax forms' functionality are only some of the new tools.

Information at your fingertipsenhanced J.P. Morgan E-Tax search capability
Using the enhanced E-Tax search capability, our clients can through one mechanism, review the whole tax database in seconds. Clients can locate current and historical tax news information.

Tax market reports provide in-depth tax studies including topics such as dividends, interest, capital gains, as well as all statutory exceptions, transaction taxes and new information pertaining to the taxation of REITs. Tax market reports also feature treaty information and market characteristics of tax relief and procedures.

Solutions driven
E-Tax will provide clients with one convenient data source that is designed with our clients in mind to meet the needs of tax professionals, operations departments and investment managers.

  • Investment managers can access the E-Tax tool to assist in investment decisions based on current tax considerations; for example, to determine potential portfolio implications of proposed tax changes.
  • Operations departments can access detailed tax profiles for client specified tax structures that are updated daily for more than 90 markets worldwide. Profiles can be downloaded to a spread sheet which clients can use to support and validate their own sources and internal tax systems.
  • Tax professionals can use E-Tax for tax research purposes, obtaining statutory tax information in addition to describing real world considerations where other variables impact actual tax processes.
  • Tax processing areas can access our new tax reclaim form database that provides forms needed based on client input variables such as entity type, residence and the country of investment.
Added up, E-Tax provides clients with a tax service tailored to their specific global tax needs.

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