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Smart Data OnlineTM

Commercial Card Classic's flexible administrative tool, Smart Data OnLineTM, simplifies reporting, data management and approvals for all card charges including out-of-pocket cash transactions such as client entertainment. Smart Data OnLine supports your administrator, manager, and cardholders by delivering daily transaction updates, line-item detail and other advantages.

Comprehensive Reporting

More than 35 reports help you consolidate program management, policy compliance, and vendor negotiation. You will review purchasing and spending more efficiently across your entire organization with these and other valuable reports:

  • Card Program Analysis
  • Spending Analysis
  • Cost Allocation
  • Merchant Summary and Details
  • Account Management Analysis

General Ledger Transaction Coding

General ledger (G/L) codes can be linked to a merchant category code, a specific merchant or card account. Our electronic transaction coding allows you to automatically assign G/L codes to your transactions without entering every expense.

Integrated Transaction Data

Easily integrate card transaction information into your in-house accounting or ERP system without the need for manual data entry. Microsoft Excel® files can also be generated for custom data analysis by your finance, audit, and managerial staff.

Simplified Program Administration

Make program management easier for your administrator, managers, and cardholders with complete online transaction review and e-mail approval notification. Based on defined profiles, administration functions such as new card requests, address changes and spending limit adjustments are as close as your keyboard.

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