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ACH Fraud Solutions

Experts project that ACH fraud will continue to be a growing threat as the movement toward electronic payments gains momentum. According to the latest AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, nearly a third of all fraud attempts or actual events in 2009 were ACH credit or debit transactions.

J.P. Morgan offers two services to help your organization avoid the risk of potentially fraudulent, inaccurate or untracked automated clearing house transactions.

ACH Debit Blocking
Protect your company from the costly possibility of paying unauthorized ACH debit transactions with ACH Debit Blocking. It enables you to specify which companies are authorized to post ACH debits to your accounts, automatically blocking those that are not authorized. You can also set dollar-limit ceilings or block all ACH debits from posting.

ACH Transaction Review
Use this fraud mitigation service to review and confirm ACH debit and credit transactions that post to your account on a case-by case basis. Simply determine if the transaction in question is authorized and return any transactions that are not. Filter transactions that you wish to review by any combination of:

  • Debits and credits
  • Company IDs
  • Dollar amount/range
  • Transaction types

Use ACH Transaction review as a complement to our ACH Debit Blocking service to review ACH transactions not blocked via that service.

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