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J.P. Morgan offers the following documents to help in your understanding of security best-practices and other security elements.
Technical Papers

  Portable Security Transaction Protocol
This paper presents PKM technology by describing an interoperable protocol, requisite data structures, and an interoperable XM: definition. The paper uses formal methods to demonstrate a security equivalence between revocation options within PKM against the security offered by the traditional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), technology that features the benevolent trusted party.


  Interoperable Credentials Management for Wholesale Banking
The financial services industry recognizes the need for advanced security solutions for useridentity and transaction processing, while ensuring minimal impact to the online userexperience. Users will not accept security controls that encumber the user's daily work. ThePortal Security Transaction Protocol (PSTP) is a new signature technology that addssignature semantics to one-time password technology.

General Reference
    AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey
Learn what your colleagues are saying and doing about payments fraud. Read the results of the 2009 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey.





White Papers






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