J.P. Morgan ACCESS® for Investor Services


Leading reconciliation and exception capabilities

Reconciliation is a powerful tool that allows clients to quickly and accurately identify reconciliation breaks between their source systems and J.P. Morgan files. Reconciliation is part of the J.P. Morgan ACCESS® portal, our single point of access for information reporting, inquiries, and investment and transaction services.

Reconciliation is a browser-based tool that provides clients with the ability to reconcile any J.P. Morgan data file with their own source systems files in any data format and receive comprehensive exception reporting.

Features and Benefits

  • Data Flexibility — Supports multiple formats that allow reconciliation of files from virtually any system to be set up for comparison with any J.P. Morgan file
  • Data Management — Enriches and validates source system data to match J.P. Morgan data using an integrated data model
  • Customized Rules — Allows clients to set-up unlimited matching, exception and reporting rules using the powerful user configuration tool
  • History & Audit Trail — Provides complete reconciliation history and audit trails of all user actions

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