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The J.P. Morgan Purchasing Card can help you transform the costs of running your organization into potential performance gains. Our solution offers the potential to increase your purchasing oversight, reduce costs and streamline your payment process, enabling you to focus your time and resources towards your organization's priorities.

Enhance spending control
Shifting payments to the J.P. Morgan Purchasing Card enables your organization to track spending before and after it happens. Program-level and individual account controls let you empower employee purchases within your organization.

Utilize powerful data capture and reporting
PaymentNet®, our proprietary online program and account management tool, place a wealth of on-demand transaction information and the ability to fine-tune purchasing controls at your fingertips. Our technology integrates with your organization's financial systems to simplify card management, give you a more complete picture of spending and therefore leverage program data for more informed decision making and supplier management. Learn More »

Go above and beyond
Take your purchasing program to the next level. Our team can help you perform strategic data analysis, build a business case that supports your payment strategy, learn from current industry best practices, benchmark your program, assess your program's past performance, and recommend adjustments to your payments strategy as your needs evolve.

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For more information, please contact your J.P. Morgan treasury services manager or commercial card sales specialist.


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