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GSA SmartPay® 2

Program Components

Purhcase Card Purchase Card – Streamline your procure-to-pay process without compromising control or convenience    Transition Approach Transition Approach – Put our team of transition experts to work for you using our proven, four-step transition methodology
Travel Card Travel Card – Reduce the amount of time you spend authorizing, tracking and processing official travel expenses    Electronic Access System Electronic Access Systems – Leverage a proven, easy-to-use technology designed to help you manage your card services
Fleet Card Fleet Card – Drive down the costs associated with your government owned vehicles    Value-Added Product and Service Value-Added Product and Service Offerings (Tier 2) – Earn More Refunds by leveraging the latest in advanced card technology
Integrated Card Integrated Card – Manage your purchase, travel and fleet expenses with a single card solution    Contract Line Item Pricing Contract Line Item Pricing – Achieve transparency with a straight forward pricing structure

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