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Priority Payments Scheme for Euros - Scheme participants

Please click below to launch the list of banks registered as participants in the Priority Payments Scheme for euros. This list includes all participating clients as well as their SWIFT Bank Identification Codes (BICs) as of 8 December 2008. The list below is updated monthly.

Priority Payments Scheme for Euros – Participating Banks and their SWIFT BICs

If you wish to send a euro Priority Payment to a beneficiary at one of the listed banks, please ensure you have first read our Priority Payment Terms and Conditions document and that you adhere to out designated formatting guide. To obtain the Terms and Conditions document, please contact your Treasury Services Sales officer.

Further information on the Priority Payments Scheme for euros is available at www.abe-eba.eu. Click on 'Priority Payments'.

Note: The list of participating banks and their SWIFT BIC codes is to be used solely for purposes relating to Priority Payments and is not to be forwarded to any external party. The information has been taken from the EBA website and is accurate as of 8 December 2008. We have relied upon and assumed, without independent verification, the accuracy and completeness of all information available from the EBA website. Neither JPMorgan Chase & Co., nor any of it directors, officers, employees or agents, shall incur any responsibility or liability whatsoever in respect of the contents of this list or the use or misuse of this information.



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